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Hey there,

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. My name is Brandon Sean and I’ve been marketing online for over 5 years now. I’m a certified Google Adwords practitioner and have vast experience buying paid traffic for my own business and clients. For my own personal business I spend on average $10k  a month buying traffic online  and the results has been nothing short of stellar.

My main internet income online is from Affiliate and CPA marketing but I also do a whole bunch of other things as you will learn if you spend enough time reading my blog 🙂

OK that’s enough about me, I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re most probably trying to make money online.. So I have some advice for you before you leave.

My Advice to anyone starting their internet marketing journey

1) Never rely on Affiliate marketing alone to succeed in this business.. – Seriously, when i started many years ago, I always knew product owners were the ones making the real BIG money… but I always told myself I’m first going to make money with affiliate marketing and then only  start creating my own digital information products…this is just the wrong mindset to have.. (2 years of wasting time thought me this) Affiliate marketing should only be use to supplement your internet business. You MUST always have your own digital information products to sell.

which brings me to advice #2 below

2) Always have your own product – I can’t stress this enough… you need to have your own information product to sell. You are in full control of the pricing and you own the mailing list and you can continuously sell to this people over and over again. You are also perceived as an expert in your niche when you have your own products to sell!

3) Always have a high ticket product to sell – Have a high ticket product to sell ranging from $197 to $5000 ( Or more..) You will achieve financial freedom much faster having high ticket products in your sales funnel VS say selling just $7 – $17 ebooks on the front end alone.

4) Get A Mentor –  This is optional but I highly recommend it. Sometimes all you need is someone to guide you along the way and point you in the right direction. You can avoid all the costly mistakes and save yourself so much time..

5) NEVER UNDERESTIMATE YOURSELF — My most powerful advice yet.. simply to not underestimate yourself.  Anyone can be successful in this business if he/she puts the the time and RIGHT effort in to it.. Anyone..

All the best in your internet marketing journey!


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